I started www.lactivist.co.uk 10 years ago when my son was tiny. He is 10 now and breastfeeding seems a million years ago. Over the 10 years Lactivist has built up into a small empire and expanded into a thriving Facebook group and a blog stuffed full of information.

It’s time for me to move on and start new things. I’m focusing on my graphic design work at www.nakedwebsite.co.uk and you can see my personal blog with some crafty things to buy at www.ragbaby.co.uk.

Originally I had thought to sell the whole Lactivist empire but for various reasons that hasn’t worked out so I’m closing down at www.lactivist.co.uk – there are huge reductions through the store and you can use the code

autumn2013 to get a further 30% off anything, even if it’s already reduced.

You will be able to get Lactivist designs from Cafe Press and Zazzle in many different sizes and variations when everything is sold out here.



The future of the blog at www.lactivist.net is now safely in the hands of Lucy Lactivist, who is a breastfeeding mum and a web designer. She has already started to add some more to the amazing resource that is Ask Aunty Lactivist. I’m really excited about the breath of fresh air she will bring and you have no idea how pleased I am that Lactivist.net will continue.

I will never be able to express the thanks and gratitude I have for the outstanding admins on the Facebook group who are are doing a totally wonderful job, making sure that posts get seen and questions get answered and ensuring that mums get the help and support they need. Without them I would have shut up the whole thing a long time ago.

This winter I’ll be able to move my bed next to the radiator if everything sells – for the last decade huge shelves holding the stock have been taking up that space.

Thank you so much for being a part of Lactivist, for buying things, for posting on the Facebook group, for supporting me and for supporting each other.

Happy breastfeeding!

Lisa Cole

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